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run back to school 5k

About 10 weeks ago, Jacob decided to give running a try and we’ve been training for his first 5k (Run Back to School – which is sponsored by my school’s PTO.  FANTASTIC fundraiser!)

I’d definitely call him a leisurely runner – it took us 40.5 minutes to run the route on Wednesday night.  UGH.  This, of course, resulted in me telling him that was an unacceptable race time.  And then Brad reminded me that the only goal we set was for him to finish…



This next picture is of Noah and his buddy Hayden.  (Hayden in red; Noah in white.)  Long story short, I called Noah 10 minutes before the race to see if he wanted to run with Hayden, who signed up about 15 minutes before the race.  Noah ran down to the school (just a few blocks from our house) and hopped in the start line with two minutes to spare.  Crazy kids.  These two implemented the sprint-walk-sprint-walk-sprint method.


Brad is taking these pictures from our yard…our house is 4 blocks from the start line.  Kind of fun.


Jacob ran a great race!  We set a goal of finishing under 35 minutes and he came in with a time of 31:39.  He even had enough energy to sprint ahead of me at the end.


Noah – who was the youngest participant in the 5k – finished with a time of 35:38.  Not bad for someone who found out they’d be running their first 5k ten minutes before it started. ;)


Both boys loved it and are already looking forward to another race.



first day 2013-2014

A 3rd & 5th grader means both boys are at West this year.  Felt kind of weird putting Noah on the shuttle bus…I’m so used to him hanging out in my room every morning until the bell rings.  Noah was given the choice of riding his bike with Jacob and our neighbor, but he likes the idea of coming back to my classroom after school so he’s riding the shuttle with several other teacher’s kids from Central.

My amazing principal spent a good chunk of her summer planning our Superhero theme – thus the shirt.  Our entire staff wore these on the first day – paras, custodians, aides, etc.  The theme is apparent throughout the school and ties in with our new use of Positive Behavior Supports.  I’m part of the behavior team so PBS is all very exciting to me. :)


My classroom/hall wall is the first you see when you walk in Central’s front doors, so I was feeling the pressure to make something “crafty” for open house.  These took FOREVER, but I’m happy with the outcome, especially considering I am NOT the crafty/creative type (which is probably why they took so long to make).


Will have to snap a picture of my hall wall where they are all hanging – ANNNNND – my NEW room!  It’s amazing.  And huge.  Like really, really big.  Love, love, love it.

a fall to remember

Looking through pictures from our vacation and had to keep this one… it’s one of the only pictures I have that captures the stupid scar from my fall at Warrior Dash in 2012.  Notice the big lump on my left thigh… nothing like a nice-sized lump of scar tissue posing as cellulite.  Grrrrrr…


cruise 2013 – the beaches

Cable Beach, Nassau

Cable Beach, Nassau

Cable Beach, Nassau

Cable Beach, Nassau

Sapphire Bay, St. Thomas

Sapphire Bay, St. Thomas

Sapphire Bay, St. Thomas

Sapphire Bay, St. Thomas

Little Bay, St. Maarten

Little Bay, St. Maarten

Little Bay, St. Maarten

Little Bay, St. Marten

Little Bay, St. Maarten

Little Bay, St. Maarten

the golf boys

Regional Golf was on Monday so some of the parents organized a family dinner at Little Apple Brewery on Sunday night.  At one point the boys (golf team) disappeared and it was soon obvious they were up to something.  Just before coming back as a group, one of the golfers grabbed Jacob & Noah and left with them.  A few minutes later the team came back and each one gave their mother a rose for Mother’s Day… they had purchased two extra so Jacob & Noah each had one to give me.  Very sweet that they were included.

Boys played “good enough” in the words of Brad and qualified for State by placing 2nd at Regionals.  They didn’t have their best rounds, but we’re all thankful they still qualified as a team… Brad has really enjoyed this group.


embarking in 21 days

This will be our view in 21 days…


Until then, I have about 59 days worth of work to finish.

We’ll be gone a total of 8 nights… so thankful for amazing parents who enjoy spending time with their grandchildren.  The boys will spend the first three nights with my parents and cousins from Wichita, then a few days alone with Brad’s parents until the KC cousins join them for the final two days.  In the meantime, Brad and I will be in Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten when we’re not relaxing on this balcony.  We’ve decided to skip excursions.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching the best beaches at all our ports, so our plan is to hop in a cab and spend most of our day snorkeling and relaxing on the beach at each location with a little shopping on our way back to the ship (but not in Nassau…too scary!).

Here’s a peek at our ship if you’re interested…it’s kinda ginormous.

Allure of the Seas


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